The American Dream, Very Alive and Kicking...

Who is to say the American Dream is dead, who is to say that it is very much alive and kicking... Each individual has her or his own perspective as to how alive The American Dream actually is...

In the article titled "Why the American Dream Collapsed" by Mr. Umair Haque, he makes some good points and points out to a few symptoms, one might say, that may be making the American Dream less accessible to many... But, I ask myself, are these symptoms really the symptoms of a a "collapsed dream", or are these the symptoms of a more complex, more elusive American Dream... Who is responsible for this elusiveness, the ones that have reached the dream, the ones in search of the dream, or both...

With easier than ever access to the latest technology, information, resources, support and capital, it becomes every more important for those who have reached the dream to keep on working hard to not let it go, and for those in search of the dream, it becomes ever more important to make the best use of the many resources and tools available out there to search and capture that dream...

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